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About Alpine Equine Hospital PC

Job Positions: Equine veterinary technician full time and part time positions


Description of Job duties:

The veterinary technician plays an integral role in client education, assisting with diagnostic procedures and imaging, performing treatments on ambulatory and hospitalized patients. Daily activities include assisting veterinarians during appointments, preparing medications for patients, invoice preparation, client communications, and reviewing doctor recommendations and medications with clients. The candidate will work under supervision of the professional staff and assist with the instruction veterinary and technician students and less experienced technicians in many service areas within our hospital. We are a team-oriented practice, looking for someone who can portray themselves professionally, plays well with others, and is a good communicator. This position requires experience working with horses. Candidate should feel very comfortable holding, moving around safely, and reacting appropriately with horses

A well-qualified candidate would have experience in all or most of these responsibilities:


  • Provides clinical support to staff and intern veterinarians in the delivery of primary care,
  • Follow Hospital Bio-Security procedures and protocols.
  • Additionally performing specialized procedures relevant to critical care of large animal patients; including placement of catheters and IV or IM or SQ medications. Also provides additional necessary care of equine and ruminant patients
  • Formulates and prepares daily rations to meet dietary needs of hospitalized patients as directed by the professional staff.
  • Performs or assists in inpatient medical evaluation. Administers medications collect, prepares, and submits clinical pathology samples, captures and inputs fees for materials and services.
  • Surgical nursing duties to include: work and act as a surgical nurse during emergency procedures; assist with anesthetic inductions and proper preparation of patients for surgery; prepare all directed that are needed for surgery; complete and record and enter charges as instructed; ensures that the surgical suite is set up properly for surgery procedures; ensures that surgical suites are properly cleaned after surgery
  • Also, clean and prepare surgical instruments for sterilization; operate steam sterilizers, ultrasonic cleaner, instrument washer, and other mechanical, electronic, and surgical equipment.
  • Once trained, independently set up, maintains and ensures proper storage of specialized diagnostic equipment such as our autoclave, endoscope, ultrasound, DR radiology, shock wave, IRAP A2M, and PRP processing equipment.
  • Provide administrative support by maintaining a supply inventory and supervising and replenishing stock within assigned areas, performs maintenance service checks and minor repairs to assigned equipment, maintains a clean/sanitary and functionally organized clinical service areas. Notification of any equipment not operating appropriately or facility in need of repair to Dr Maker is the responsibility of all staff.
  • Periodic assistant with the management of after-hours admissions and discharges, visitor policies and emergency call-ins.

Expected Salary:

$16- $23 per hour, commensurate with education, certification status and the number weekly scheduled hours and clinical experience.

Minimum Requirements:

High school diploma or equivalent and at-least two years of experience loading, unloading, restraining, handling and treating horses 

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Must be capable of easily lifting at least 35-50 pounds on a regular basis.
  • Must possess the ability to maintain effective working relationships with clinicians, coworkers, students, and clients.
  • Graduation from an accredited American Veterinary Medical Association program for veterinary technology and/or meet requirements for certification in the state of Colorado; or a minimum of two years of practical horse ranch experience or in an ambulatory and/or hospital veterinary environment. Practical experience in private practice a plus.
  • Basic computing skills in word processing and spreadsheets are required. Basic computing skills including the ability to successfully master the hospital information system using Microsoft word, outlook and Avimark
  • knowledge and ability to perform math calculations for fluids rates, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory drugs as instructed. A working knowledge on the use of automated lab equipment is a plus. 


Instructions to Applicants:

Applications must include 1) a cover letter detailing interest and relevant skills as well as a 2) resume to be considered. Send materials to [email protected]


Carbondale, Colorado, United States