Dumb Friends League

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About Dumb Friends League

Founded in 1910, the Dumb Friends League, is the largest independent, nonprofit community-based animal shelter/humane society in the Rocky Mountain region, caring for thousands of pets annually and accepting lost and relinquished pets, as well as hundreds of equines.

The League provides lost and found services; foster and veterinary care for pets that are too young for adoption or are ill or injured; in-house training and socialization programs for cats, dogs and rabbits; pet adoptions; humane education; and animal cruelty investigations across Colorado. It also provides spay and neuter surgeries for cats and dogs and community veterinary services.

We have two Dumb Friends League Veterinary Hospital locations in central and north Denver. Our teams provide access to high quality veterinary urgent care using an incremental care approach for under-served populations in our community. This position plays a critical role in helping to prevent and alleviate suffering of animals in our community, maximize our impact, enhance the dignity of our clients, and work collaboratively with the veterinary community. The Dumb Friends League is expanding access to urgent care services for pets of families who otherwise wouldn’t have access to care. 

The Dumb Friends League is a socially conscious animal welfare organization, which means they place 100% of healthy and safe pets. They also address the medical and behavioral needs of all animals while in their care. If an animal is suffering and cannot be helped, they will perform compassionate euthanasia. 

Denver, Colorado, United States