Sano Hospital for Animals
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About Sano Hospital for Animals

Come practice where fun is a priority and your voice will be heard! Sano Hospital for Animals (Sano) is an easy 15 minute commute, west of 470 on highway 285. Most of our staff who drive from "down the hill" say the commute is far quicker than downtown. We have a fantastic, relaxed clientele who take great care of their pets and compared to many metro practices are a blast to work with!!!

Sano sees a heavy load of urgent care and surgical cases given our mountain location and rely heavily on technicians to provide optimal care. Equipment includes Abaxis and Istat in-house labs, Sound-Eklin Smart DR, Image-vet dental x-ray, Butterfly IQ ultrasound, 3 iso and 1 sevoflurane machine, Cardell surgical monitors and Heska fluid pumps.

Ultrasounds are done onsite by a boarded radiologist. Advanced surgeries and orthopedics are done onsite by a boarded surgeon.

The practice owner is an Iditarod Veterinarian and also provides care for the local humane society. We emphasize gentle handling and judicious use of sedatives when needed. The practice owner likes to protect his back and the technicians, so we don't do rodeos and utilize lift tables.

We are hiring due the addition of a fulltime and part time veterinarian.

Benefits include health insurance, paid holidays, paid sick leave, paid maternity leave, pet care, $2500 friends and family pet care stipend, CE, CACVT dues, licensing fees, and extensive access to free Starbucks and snack stocked break room.

At Sano technicians are relied upon extensively client communication. We are a technology driven practice making typing and computer skills (or the willingness to learn) preferable. Sano technicians are responsible for inductions, surgical prep and assisting, anesthetic monitoring, dentistry and recovery. Comfort with emergency protocols is beneficial as we see a large number of trauma cases.

Please email cover letter and resume. Feel free to email with further questions about the position.

Conifer, Colorado, United States