Spire Canine Orthopedics

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About Spire Canine Orthopedics

Spire Canine Orthopedics (formerly Spire Veterinary Surgery) has been a premier mobile veterinary surgical provider specializing in orthopedic surgeries since 2015. We are excited to announce our doors are now open at our veterinary surgery center in beautiful Windsor Colorado!

Spire Canine Orthopedics is a cutting-edge veterinary surgery center dedicated exclusively to orthopedic conditions in dogs. Our team is led by Dr. Kevin McAbee, an ACVS board-certified surgeon specializing in veterinary orthopedics. The Spire team combines the most advanced technology available in veterinary surgery with minimally invasive procedures to treat orthopedic problems from common injuries to complex fractures and beyond. We pride ourselves on providing exemplary care.


Windsor, Colorado, United States