Critical Care Unit Veterinary Technician Supervisor

Fort Collins, CO

This position is responsible for working with the Critical Care Services leadership team to manage all technical aspects of operations with regards to the Critical Care Unit.

This position is the technical expert who is consulted by veterinary students and all technicians, technician students and doctors on technical procedures, protocol and potentially medical information in relation to critical care patient care.

·     Effectively provides efficient, optimal patient care including: triage, assessment, stabilization, treatment, monitoring, and restraint. 

·     Identifies critical and relevant changes and recommends adjustments to patient’s management. 

·     Collaborates with students, interns, residents, clinicians, and clients to assist in formulating a diagnoses and optimal treatment plan. This is done by evaluating patient status, response to therapy, collecting diagnostic samples and interpreting results. 

·     Communicates and coordinates with other hospital services to facilitate timely, efficient assessment, diagnostics, stabilization, treatment and/or transfer to appropriate hospital services.  

·     This position provides Critical Care Unit supervision for all veterinary technicians on all shifts. The supervisor will directly oversee and manage the needs and dynamics of all shifts in the Critical Care Unit. High-level leadership, communication and positive outlook are all critical attributes for success as the Supervisor in this unit. This position is responsible for setting the tone in the room and modeling creative, inclusive and effective leadership for all technical staff and students reporting directly to, or assisting in, the Critical Care unit. This position is responsible for administering performance reviews, managing disciplinary issues, approving leave requests, reconciling TimeClock and monitoring leave banks. Responsibilities include attending in-service and hospital meetings as well as appropriate training.  

This position will model hard work, collegiality, teamwork and leadership for all team members.

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$4,102 - $5,052 per month